Board of Trustees Job Description

The Board of Trustees of Nevada Humanities is comprised of volunteers who are qualified to serve by virtue of their achievements, scholarship, or creativity in the humanities, or who represent various regions of the state and provide a diversity of occupations and backgrounds.

Board Member Responsibilities

  1. Know the mission and purpose of the organization.

  2. Make meeting attendance and participation a high priority.

  3. Set policies, approve the operating budget, and oversee its implementation.

  4. Participate in strategic planning and committee assignments.

  5. Ensure the legal and ethical integrity of the organization.

  6. Select, support, and evaluate the performance of the executive director.

  7. Make an annual financial commitment to Nevada Humanities at a level consistent with ability to give, and provide fundraising contacts to outside funding sources.

  8. Monitor and strengthen the organization’s programs and services.

  9. Enhance the public standing of Nevada Humanities by being an advocate and spokesperson.

Criteria for the Selection of Board Members

  1. Interest in and enthusiasm for public humanities.

  2. Knowledge and understanding of Nevada Humanities.

  3. Ability to participate in meetings of the Board and committees.

  4. Skills in the areas of programming, fundraising, public relations and/or advocacy.

  5. Invested in and connected to the communities in which they live.

  6. Willing to contribute annually to Nevada Humanities and to ask others to contribute.